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The “Antique Barbed Wire Society” is committed to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the historical heritage of barbed wire and related items and enlisting interest and support for an on-going organization into the next century.

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Six Issues of "The Barbed Wire Collector" magazine

Value guides

Discounts with participating barbed wire and tool dealers

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$25.00 per year domestic

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"The Collector" Magazine


The global publication for the barbed wire collecting hobby since 1983.


To inform interested individuals about the many aspects of barbed wire and related items including but not limited to barbed wire canes, books, fencing tools, fence posts/tops, liniment bottles/tins, ornamental wire, paper items, planter wire, postage stamps depicting barbed wire, salesman samples, staples, and warning/signal plates.


Each issue includes articles written by experts in the hobby. Also included in each issue is advertising, Antique Barbed Wire Society notes, barbed wire show information, classifieds, ladies collectibles, personals, state association news, and wire/tool mail bids.


Published bimonthly by the Antique Barbed Wire Society.

Annual Subscription (6 issues) - $25.00

Individual Issue - $6.00

Subscriptions Outside the U.S. - $35.00