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Barbed Wire Inventors:  Jacob Haish

March 9, 1826
Jacob Haish is born in Germany.

At age 9, Jacob Haish comes to America with his parents.

Now 19 Jacob Haish moves to Illinois.

At age 21, Haish marries Sophia Brown.

1847 - 1853
The Haish's buy a  farm in Pierce Township.

Haish and his young wife move to DeKalb, Illinois.

1853 - 1873
Haish operates a successful business as a carpenter in DeKalb. Late in the 1860's he grows orange osage hedges in an attempt to develop a durable form of fencing.

January 20, 1874
Jacob Haish is granted a barbed wire patent issued by the U.S. Patent Office.  He at once files a suit against Joseph Glidden for infringing on his patent.  The legal controversy has begun and is finally settled by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1882.

Haish builds an Opera House in downtown DeKalb.  Haish is now 50 years old.

Haish builds a large factory in which to manufacture his wire.

Haish erects his palatial mansion at the northwest corner of Third and Pine in DeKalb.  It served as a memorial to the outspoken inventor until it was torn down in 1961.  Jacob Haish entered the banking business with the founding of the Barb City Bank.  He was active in the bank until his death.

Haish joins his long time rival, I.L. Elwood and Joseph Glidden, in fighting to have Northern Illinois State Normal School located in DeKalb.  He donated $10,000 for the school library.

A new city school is built and is named for Jacob Haish, now 76 years old.

1914 - 1916
Jacob Haish refuses to sell barbed wire for use in World War I.

Haish sells his barbed wire factory to P.A. Nehring.  The curtain is drawn on a 45 year career in the barbed wire industry.  Jacob Haish retires to devote his last years to the banking business.

September 9, 1918
Sophia Haish dies at the age of 90.

February 19, 1926
Jacob Haish dies in his mansion just 19 days before his 100th birthday.  He has provided for his entire estate to be left to charity.  Money was left in his will to build a monument on the site of his grave, for the construction of a public library and for the operation of the Jacob Haish Memorial Hospital.

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