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Each participating organization may appoint a director to the Society board and may replace the appointed director at their own discretion. A director can represent only one entity and he / she shall be a Society member in good standing.

The director shall reply to all correspondence from the Society chairperson, attend Society meetings when possible and report to his / her sponsoring organization as necessary.

The director shall furnish an article from his / her sponsoring organization when called upon by the news editor.

If an organization chooses not to participate, the Society chairperson shall appoint, at his / her discretion, a Director-at-Large to fill the slot of the non-participating organization.

Directors are not required to attend all meetings but must maintain contact with the chairperson or his designated authority.

A director will forfeit his / her position for lack of participation as directed by the chairperson, or majority vote of the directors, and may be replaced any time by the organization that he / she represents.

Organizations and Memberships Represented on the Board of Directors:
  • The Barbed Wire Collector
  • California Barbed Wire Collectors Association
  • Colorado Wire Collector's Association
  • Devil's Rope Museum
  • Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
  • Nebraska Barbed Wire Collectors' Association
  • New Mexico Barbed Wire Collectors' Association
  • The Symposium
  • Director-at-Large #1

Devil's Rope Musuem

California Barbed Wire Collectors Association

Ellwood House

Joseph F. Glidden Homestead & Society

Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
Jacob Haish Mfg. Co.